Windows VPS VS Linux VPS: Which One Is Better?


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The Virtual Private Server or commonly known as VPS is a server that provides the division of the main physical server. This server is separated using Hypervisor software to make more than one compartment visually with the help of virtual technology. All compartments deliver as the VPS to the free users. So, every user can get the personal environment of virtual technology to host the sites.

What Is Linux VPS?

The Linux VPS contains the operating system of Linux, a source forum, to process at your VPS base. The core principle of Linux VPS is to make you form a website that can be able to perform as an app server for its employees and consumers. The Linux VPS ables you to utilize the shells of programming. These shells of programming can be accessed to make programs and scripts. As a consequence, you will be capable to increase your security system and operational aspects with Linus VPS.

What Is Windows VPS?

The Windows VPS involves the operating system of windows It is a product of Microsoft, to operate at the foundation of your VPS. The main principle of windows VPS is to make you fastly form services and manage them conveniently. In addition, it includes automatic updates and patches, so you won’t be required to kill time managing them. And with windows operating as an OS in your VPS, you will have libraries of drivers that fix with many of the market’s hardware.

Difference Between Linux VPS And Windows VPS

The following are some main differences between Linus VPS and Windows VPS.


The cheap Linux VPS is cheap because it is an open-source platform. It is free of cost. On the other hand, a cheap windows VPS is a product of Microsoft and it has a fee of licensing.


The cheap Linux VPS is perfectly compatible with many programs like Python, Perl, PHP, MySQL, etc. On the other hand, the cheap windows VPS is perfectly compatible with apps like MySQL, VB, C#, and different other products of Microsoft.

User Friendliness

The cheap Linux VPS is not very user friendly as Windows. However, for those who understand how to execute a line of command, it is much easier to access. Windows VPS is way more user-friendly because of its Graphical User Interface.

Flexibility and Features

It provides more features and flexibility to its users irrespective of being an open-source platform. On the other hand, the windows VPS has fewer features and it is not very flexible as Linux VPS.

Support Of SSH and FTP

The cheap Linux VPS supports both SSH and FTP. On the other hand, the windows VPS support only FTP.

Support Of Third-party Applications

The cheap Linux VPS provides support to a huge number of third-party apps. On the other hand, cheap windows VPS provides large support to the world of cooperation.


By analyzing these differences, it clearly shows that being an open-source platform, cheap Linux VPS provides more features and flexibility to its users as compared to cheap windows VPS.

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