Where Can I Find Downloaded Files on My Iphone?


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Every time, the latest version of the iPhone or iPad makes it dominant and capable to do different tasks. Yet they still do not thoroughly cancel out the requirement for a PC. The major issue with Ios is you cannot save your files wherever you want.

Many iPhone users have questions like, how to view downloads on iPhone? How to find recent downloads on my iPhone?. You can find the answer to these questions below.

How to Find Downloaded Files on iPhone

If you have downloaded files on iPhone or your iPad, finding and retrieving them may be surprisingly complicated in a contrast with Android, PC, or Mac. There is a specific option of the folder where you can view the downloaded files on iPhone and iPad.

First thing is to find the files application on your iPad or iPhone. The faster method to execute this is with the help of Spotlight Search. Put your one finger on the middle of the Home screen and swipe downward, and then write ‘Files’. Click ‘Files’ in the search result.

Then the next step to finding iPhone downloaded files is by clicking on the “Browse” button located at the bottom, after this Select “On My IPad” or “On My iPhone”, relying on which smart device you are currently making use of.

The displayed list beneath “Locations” will change relying on which applications you have downloaded, however, your smart device will constantly have a listing of ‘On My Device’. You will then find a folders list that once again will change relying on which applications you have downloaded. Commonly, most people save files to the folder of “Download”, so click on it.

Then you will find a list of every iPhone downloaded file. Throughout the process of download, you have the ability to save a file to any folder other than the folder of ‘Downloads’. If you do not find the downloaded file you are searching for, click the arrow at the top left, and then click on a different folder.

After locating the desired file, you can click it to review and read it or click and hold it to access a pop-up menu bar. After this, you can rename, copy, move the file, besides with other functions.

When you are done finding the downloaded file on your iPhone, just close the files application. After this, the next time you tap on files, the desired file you are searching for will be there where you left it.

How to download PDF files on iPhone

Finding iphone downloaded files is complicated but downloading a PDF file is also not very easy. Portable Document Format or commonly known as PDF file is one of the most common files that you are most probably to receive or send in an Electronic Mail or find on the internet. If you are willing to Save a Portable Document Format file, you can easily save it and then read it offline with the help of the Books app.

To save the Pdf file, you need to follow the given steps.

  • First, you need to open the desired PDF file on your iPhone.
  • Then click on the sharing option.
  • Then click on Copy to Books.


Ios is one of the powerful operating systems but it also has some issues which its users have to face. By reading the discussed topic above, you can be able to answer questions like How to view downloads on iPhone? and How to find recent downloads on my iPhone?.

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