What Is Word Processing: Step-by-Step Guide


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Word processing is an integral component of word documents. It is mostly used to edit, print, create and save the document.

Operating with Text

Files of Multimedia like digital videos and imagery have become more and more famous in today’s world of business, the importance written word remains the same. Just imagine the type of documents being circulated and produced within any entity. Some of the examples are:

  • A plan of marketing for the promotion of the latest product.
  • The latest policy of benefits produced by human resources.
  • A note from senior authority regarding corporate strategy.

Many of these documents are developed using free word processing software.

Word Processing Software

Free Word processing Software is operated to execute a document of text, like a report or a resume. You normally put text by writing, and the software gives feature tools for deleting copying and different kinds of formatting. Some of the features of free word processing software are:

  • Making, editing, printing, and saving file documents.
  • Pasting, deleting, copying, motioning text within a file of document.
  • Composition of text like bolding, font type, italicizing, or underlining.
  • Editing and Making tables.
  • Putting components from another software like photographs and illustrations.
  • Underlining and correcting grammar and spelling.

Free word processing software includes different tools for the formation of your pages. For instance, you can manage your text format into columns, add numbers on your page, insert illustrations and back images, etc. But, word processing software doesn’t provide you full authority over the feel and look of your document file. When design becomes crucial, you might be required to operate publishing software on a desktop to provide you with more authority over the page’s layouts.

Free word processing software normally also has functions to make it simple for you to execute monotonous operations. For instance, imagine you are required to deliver a letter or message to all your clients concerning to latest policy. The message is similar for all clients except for the address and names above the message. An email joined feature offers you to make all the letters operating one document’s template and a table with clients’ addresses and names in the database.

Word Processing Software Examples

In today’s world, there are various word processing apps. Among all the world processing software, one of the most operated word processing software is Ms. Word, which is a Microsoft product. The other most operated software is WordPerfect which is a product of Corel Corporation. Third in this list is Writer, which is a component of OpenOffice. Whilst the first two are licensed word processing software and you have to pay to operate these software, OpenOffice is free word processing software because it is an open-source application and anyone can use it without any cost. And the fourth one is apple’s Pages. These are the most common word processing software examples.


In today’s world, there is an immense requirement of word processing software as every entity needs it. Some of them are licensed software and you have to pay to use it, and some of them are open source and free word processing software and you can operate it without spending a single penny.

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