What Is The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative In 2022


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Adobe Acrobat is one of the most common apps for operating PDF files document. But there are many Best adobe acrobat alternatives and some of these are free alternatives to adobe acrobat.

Wondershare PDFelement

It is the best adobe acrobat alternative for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can work as an adobe acrobat alternative when it comes to the standard of managing you can have on your PDF files. Anyone can comment, edit, distribute and create files easily and put password security and permissions.

Secondly, turning document files of Microsoft office into PDF files and vice versa is also very feasible with single tap form tools creation. You will be enabled to convert any PDF file into a Word, Powerpoint, Excel file without severely changing their initial formats and layouts. If you like more customization forms, you have the ability to drag and drop things from the “main tool menu bar” and choose the items you like to include on your formation same as a drop-down list or a checkbox


PandaDoc is also the best adobe acrobat alternative because it gives the same management when editing, sharing, creating PDF files, but it is customized with salespeople in mind. The streamlines of applications creating contracts and proposals of business by executing data and templates already exist and are approved. After delivering a proposal, this adobe acrobat alternative also has the feature of tracking so you know what is happening with your file of the document.

Furthermore, PandaDoc combines with many more famous applications of business, so your team of sales can carry on operating its tools of work without transferring from other apps. You can also put up the option of automated payment collections after your quote or proposal has been approved. You can set different options of payment like a credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, etc.


This is also the best adobe acrobat alternative. This app is concentrated on assisting businesses in simplifying the management of the contract. It does this via individual searchable storage for all your documents of yours. This has the ability to eliminate time-consuming searches and manual via cabinets of traditional filing.

Another main option in this app is Electronic signature, which offers for the rapid signing of online contracts. If you have a business in the United States, you will be pleased to know that this option merges with the “ESIGN Act and individual state rules”. This goes above delivering normal PDF file contracts since you’ll get status updates in real-time on the contracts you deliver out for the purpose of signature.


This is the best adobe acrobat alternative free. It is easy to use tool to operate files of PDF documents. This free alternative to adobe acrobat offers you to merge, convert, split, compress and watermark files of PDF conveniently. This adobe acrobat alternative free version app provides you to organize documents PDF, in large or individual over the web. This adobe acrobat alternative free is the perfect option for unprofessional use.


These best adobe acrobat alternatives are making it easier to execute and operate PDF document files and all these are either free alternative to adobe acrobat apps or less costly than adobe acrobat.

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