What Is Sales Commission? A Complete Guide (2022)


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Employers provide several salary structures to their employees relying on the particulars of the worker’s job. In many cases, workers get a fixed base income, either salary or hourly. All you need to know about sales commission is discussed below.

What Is Sales Commission?

A sales commission is the added salary a sales individual gets above their base salary from sales they have produced. Whilst not all sales individuals’ package of compensation includes sales commission, most organizations that vend high-quality goods, like electronic items or car, provide sales commission to their workers. The value of added salary earn as a sales individual via sales commissions relies on the type of sale and how much you sell it and the commission of the particular sale structure your organization adopts.

Types Of Sales Commission Structures

Workers operate different types of sales commission structures to compensate their salespeople. The sales commission structure your organization adopts probably relies on the field you are in the variety of sales individuals on your team and the kind of service or product you sell. Assess a few of the popular kinds of sales commission structures to perfectly et knowledge of how sales strategies of compensation work. The two most common sales commission structure includes:

Revenue Commission Plan

Workers who execute a revenue sales commission structure pay their sales individual a definite pre-set average percentage of all sales they create in added to their base wage. For instance, if a sales individual produces a sale of ten thousand dollars, and the organization offers a sales commission of five percent, then the sales individual must earn five hundred dollars in sales commission.  This is a strategy executed most often by small service providers that sell high-value and singular items.

Straight Commission

In the straight sales commission structure, a sales individual’s only salary is from the sales commission. They do not get any guaranteed base salary from their organization. The straight sales commission structure is not as popular as many of the different sales commission structures that offer some assured pay. They are most common in fields that have very few cycles of sales, providing sales individuals the possibility to make a variety of sales in a salary period.

What Is Sales Commission Agreement?

A sales commission agreement is the document of contract the organization and the sales individual both sign that highlights the particulars of the sales individual’s salary and plan of sales commission. In many cases, the sales commission agreement is an ordinary document that might go through some alterations based upon parleying during the phase of hiring.

Sales Commission Software

Sales commission software manages the administration accounting of incentive and commission plans on different personalized regulations like employee, tenure, sale type, or role. The sales commission software also offers salespeople a thorough review of past forecasted revenue and earnings.


Employers generally provide a sales commission. to inspire their workers and them more efficient and productive so they produce more sales and captivate clients. Marketing and sales careers in many fields like real estate and automobiles generally provide sales commission.

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