What Is Plugin In WordPress?


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You can get many surprisingly great WordPress plugins free that enhance all types of useful functionality to your WordPress website. All you need to know about WordPress plugins are discussed below.

What Are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are software (bits of tools) that enhance what you can operate with your website of WordPress, besides having to manually edit code or write. There is digitally no restriction to what you could operate with WordPress plugins. If you desired to do anything, there are surely WordPress plugins for it, from design attributes to social media, from Seo to eCommerce, and from spam prevention to security. There are almost fifty thousand WordPress plugins free accessible in the repository of WordPress.org, and thousands of more premium WordPress plugins accessible in the marketplace commercially. 

Why Are Plugins Used?

WordPress plugins are operated to add or enhance functionality to your optimized website. For instance, if you desired to take donations or sell products on your website, you are going to require a WordPress plugin to manage that. Most of the common WordPress plugins include a WordPress security plugin, a WordPress Seo plugin, and a WordPress forms plugin. If you are reading this article, then you are surely executing WordPress. WordPress is one of the best systems of content management for optimized websites, potentiating 37 percent of every internet website. Even with all that potential, WordPress by itself cannot operate each thing. That is why WordPress plugins are required. However only because you can operate something with WordPress plugins does not imply that you should do it.

Best Word press Plugins Free

Ninja Forms

Each website requires a page of contact, and once it comes to forms of contact, Ninja Forms is one of the best WordPress plugins free. This is surely why it is available on minimum million optimized websites. It presents an elementary drop and friendly drag interface and comes with a service of AJAX submission form so individuals can submit any form without reloading the page.


It is also one of the best WordPress plugins free. If you desired to develop an Ecommerce shop with WordPress, then these best WordPress plugins are surely a perfect option for you. This plugin potential maximum 28 percent of all eCommerce stores across the internet, and is more famous than Shopify.

Smart Slider 3

It is also one of the best WordPress plugins free. This plugin offers you another method to appear content of media on your website. These WordPress plugins are the best you will find. These WordPress plugins have almost 4.9 ratings.

Shared Counts

It is one of the best WordPress plugins list for the social media share button. It is not the richest feature sharing plugin, however, it involves all the famous channels, and this WordPress plugins list has one huge benefit which is its performance. 


There are many WordPress plugins free available on WordPress.org that you can operate to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website. However only because you can operate something with WordPress plugins does not imply that you should do it.

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