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Intel rapid storage technology is an application based on widows that helps in  enhancing reliability and performance of your computer systems with hard drives called ‘SATA’ for mobile, desktop, and server forums.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST)

Intel rapid storage technology or Intel RST is software set up into the Intel chipsets range. Intel RST provides its users to manage more than one hard disk and group as singular volumes. This functionality is called the ’Redundant Array of Independent Disks’.

RAID-Enabled System Features

Some of the RAID-enabled features of Intel rapid storage are given below.

  • Intel Rapid RAID: Intel rapid RAID is the subfield of Intel rapid storage technology that allows you the potential to make volumes of different RAIDS on mobile and desktop. Data is provided over multiple hard drives that allow improvement of Intel”s rapid storage technology performance or redundancy of data. 
  • Intel Rapid Retain Technology: this feature is also a part of Intel rapid storage technology that allows whole redundancy of data by taking data from a chosen source for example “master disk” to another chosen source for example “recovery disk”. The updating of data for retrieval volumes can be on-demand or continuous.
  • Intel Matrix RAID Technology: This is the feature of Intel rapid storage that provides two independent volumes of RAID established on a singular capacity of array. The volume initially captures a portion of the capacity of array, leaving space for the other. The capacity of array can have 2 to 6 “SATA” hard drives; this depends on the type of volume.
  • Native Command Queuing: This is another feature of intel rapid storage technology that provides “SATA disks” to receive multiple commands at a time. The operation with a single or more than one disk that holds up NCQ, enhances the performance of storage for irregular workload by providing the disk for the optimization the order of the commands.
  • Password-protected disks: this feature of Intel rapid technology allows protection with the password protected system which denies the accession of your disk’s data to any unauthorized person.

AHCI-Enabled System Features

AHCI stands for “Advanced Host Controller Interface”. These features of rapid storage technology allow the drivers of storage to permit Enhanced “SATA” characterstics for example “native command queuing” and “native hot-plug” on the hard disks of ‘SATA’ associated to your computer device. Some of the features that are supported on the systems enabled by (AHCI) given below.

  • Hot-plug
  • Password-protected hard disks
  • The capacity of hard disk more than two terabytes
  • Native command queuing

Main Features

Some of the chief features of Intel rapid storage technology are given below.

  • Status: This feature allows you to check the storage device’s status.
  • Management: This feature presents a piece of thorough information regarding each element that is part of the system of storage.
  • Acceleration: you can set up a solid-state internal drive to process a nonvolatile memory storage caching for a volume or disk on your computer system. This feature improves the performance of your computer.  


Intel Corporation is famous for its contribution to different innovations in the field of digital technology. Intel rapid storage technology is one of the successful applications that help in increasing the performance of your computer system.

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