What Is Google Analytics? And How To Use Google Analytics?


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If you are reporting to your client, a boss or just operating for yourself, inspecting your outcomes is one of the perfect methods to prove value. The work of Google analytics is to track such results.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google search analytics is a free tool for website tracking and platform that compiles data on how visitors interrelate with your website. When the data is compiled, Google analytics categorizes the data into easily readable interrelated reports. These reports are what we look for in the forum.

The original forum of Google analytics was a tool for simple visualization built to make log data file easily readable. It seems the same as the forum we use nowadays, however with much fewer data. At this point, Google was not selling and storing all of the user’s personal data.

How Google Analytics Works?

To have any information into Google search analytics from your website, you should initially place the tag on your website. When that tag is correctly placed, Google analytics will begin compiling information. The data is then set into records made up of dimensions and metrics.

Metrics are what form the credentials you will search in the forum. Everything that can be computed with the help of a number is known as a metric. Think of the value of conversion, number of purchases, number of users, average time on site, etc.

A dimension is how these numbers can be divided. Let’s assume the word ‘by’, amount of visitors “BY” source. Meantime on the website “BY” landing page. Amount of altering “BY type of device.

Google Analytics Certification

A Google analytics certification is a course to get you certified. You are required to proceed with the ” Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)” assessment. The “GAIQ” is a field authorized assessment that indicates your skills in Google Analytics. The assessment covers elementary and innovative Google analytics concepts, such as.

  • Implementation and Information Compiling
  • Alteration and attribution
  • Planning and principles
  • Reports, dimensions and metrics
  • Configuration and administration

Google analytics certification is not only for beginners. It is also very strong for professional users. For example, it can assist you to be impactful at griping Google analytics within your company and at assisting others to do the same. Having a Google analytics certification will help you in building a good impression for your resume.

Google Analytics Login

A Google search analytics login is a method to name and manage how you are going to inspect one or multiple properties for example mobile apps, websites, and point of sale devices using google analytics. Google analytics login helps in accessing such inspections.

Why Choose Google Analytics?

Probably the most attractive thing about Google analytics is that it is totally free. This forum is available to everyone with a website, which one after one makes a huge community of users split guidance and information. There are many available resources on how to operate google analytics, making it available for all users with the website.


Always remember. Having Google analytics customized perfectly is important to do good analysis. If you have the knowledge of how Google analytics performs, you can operate the system in the latest and innovative manner.

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