What Is Flexible Working? And Why Is Flexibility Important In Work?


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A flexible working system is no longer for only freelancers and gig workers. Many long-established employers are allowing flexible work arrangements to their staff as well.

What Is Flexible Working?

The simplest method to describe flexible working is to consider it as a harmony between employee and employer. Harmony generally has three elements. Employees can

  1. Make a flexible work schedule that is suitable for them.
  2. Select where they operate from
  3. Schedule their workday according to them.

As an employer, you might consider this a freelancing flexible work schedule. And, freelancing certainly is one class of flexible working system. But, the flexible working systems also include

  • Fully remote teams
  • Part-time work
  • Squeezed work hours (working 40 hours over four days instead of five)
  • Operate from anywhere arrangements
  • Seasonal jobs
  • Temporary work
  • Gig work
  • Another jobs schedule (working second or third shift) 

As a recruiter, you can allow your staff one or more than one of these flexible work arrangements option, however, having track of the other statuses of employment and flexible work schedule of your whole staff might seem like heavy working for a very small return.

Importance of Flexible Working System

The above-given elements of flexible working are not as simple as they may seem. The fact is that even in a flexible working system, employers might still have to force some limitations on flexible working.

For instance, whilst flexible employees might be capable to operate whatever timing suits their flexible work arrangements and let them get their operation completed, you might need that workers work definite ‘core hours’ that double up with different members of the team to make sure each can create the weekly meeting of a team or be accessible for clients in a definite zone of time. 

Flexible working Importance

Enhance Retention

Offering your current staff to operate flexible work schedule can assist you in keeping your valuable staff. Without any doubt, a flexible working system is the crucial cheer up staff want from their recruiters.

Lures Valuable Talent

So, many people who are finding jobs are considered to work in a flexible schedule, and that flexible working system provides advantages to organizations as it provides to staff. It stands to rationale that allowing a flexible working environment can assist you to hire more unique talent.

Enhance Diversity

If you are restricting your applicant pool to an individual site, you will have a little candidates group. And if you are in a comparable place, your staff is probable to be slighter diverse. So, by providing a flexible working system, you can enhance diversity in your workforce.

Enhance Productivity

One of the main causes employers do not offer their employees to operate flexibly is that they consider keeping a watchful eye on them so that they will work effectively. But, offering flexible working can really enhance the productivity of the employee.


Flexible working provides an advantage to employees as well as employers in a number of ways. It might reflect a huge shift in how you have done things before, adopting a flexible working system now will assist you accomplished in the future.

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