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If you are wondering, what is DRI-FIT; what does DRI-FIT mean; what is DRI-FIT made of; it is a brand name of Nike’s clothing line. DRI-FIT products are widely used by athletes because of their high performance in the sports field. DRI-FIT materials are capturing the market of sportswear products.

How Does Nike DRI-FIT Work?

DRI-FIT is thin, yet features a high-performance construction that allows moisture and air to circulate around the body. (FIT stands for Functional Innovative Technology.) Previously, cotton was the primary fabric used to make athletic clothes, which often clung to the athlete’s body and affected performance by slowing athletes down. Nike DRI-FIT actually wicks away sweat from the body and onto the fabric where it can evaporate, leaving skin cooler and drier.

What is DRI-FIT made of

If you are wondering what is DRI-FIT made of, most of DRI-FIT clothing is made up of polyester. There might be some use of cotton in some fabric companies offers but most of the time all products are made from pure polyester.

The polyester used for the DRI-FIT fabrics is still produced from the same harsh chemicals and products of petroleum all other fabrics of polyester produced from.

Microfiber vs DRI-FIT

It will be the same as comparing polyester to DRI-FIT. DRI-FIT and microfiber is the same product and DRI-FIT is only the name of a brand that makes use of microfiber in its production of clothing. The negative and positive things found in microfiber will be considered in this line of clothing also.

The website of Nike says that this line of clothing is produced from ‘high standard’ microfiber polyester so it is on you to work out what high standard means and if it is greater than other outfits produce from microfiber.

DRI-FIT does not mean a new clothing material that has been produced by experts of clothing. It is the brand name of Nike for clothing they say will make your performance better than its other competitor’s clothing lines.

Is DRI-FIT Better Than Cotton?

It is difficult to say because both materials are different from each other. If we talk about the cotton-poly-blend part of the DRI-FIT material then it is not so much different from cotton, but if we talk about the polyester part of the DRI-FIT material, then you might observe that DRI-FIT material has the quickest drying time as compared to cotton. DRI-FIT material has the ability to absorb sweating which is very helpful in the sports field.

A polyester segment of DRI-FIT material produces lighter products than cotton which is the demand of some athletes.


DRI-FIT materials are famous because of their high standard performance. As we can observe, DRI-FIT materials are doing wonders in the field of sports by putting them behind cotton produced fabrics. By reading the above-discussed topic, you will no longer have the questions like; what is DRI-FIT, what does DRI-FIT mean.

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