What Is Communication Technology?

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Communication technology is one of the most important technologies we need in today’s world. All you need to know about this technology is discussed below.

Communication Technology Definition

Communication technology definition can be stated as, the technology used for everyday, regular tasks such as making a video call, using a mobile device or tablet, sending an email, and more. It is also called information and communication technology. The information communication technology skills mean a capability to communicate with masses via different types of technologies.

Older ways of communication such as radios, televisions, and telephones are also included in information and communication technology skills.

Kinds Of Information Communication Technology Skills

Some of the widely used communication technologies are given below.

Email Management And Setup

Email management is one of the important skills of information and communication technology. Being capable of conveniently and successfully conversing through email is crucial to any job. You will be required to deliver emails to employers, vendors, clients, colleagues, and so on. Organizations or companies want their staff to write well written and professional emails, and also respond punctually to inbox messages. Relying on the expertise level needed by your worker, you might also require to be capable to operate settings or managing accounts of email on different devices of work. Some of the most used platforms for emailing include Outlook.com, Gmail.com

Online Research

Online search is a very important part of information and communication technology. Almost all jobs need at least partial research online. Either you are checking out the new latest news on your organization’s competitor or you are finding up the latest lesson plans in a subject, you are required to be capable to look through all the online information to search for what you required. This includes primary online information management skills such as Crediting sources, Checking sources, FAQ etc.

Social Media Management

Social media management is also a crucial skill of Information and communication technology. Many jobs around the world need you to execute social media. For instance, most of the people in marketing need to operate or manage the presence of organizations or companies on different social media handle. If this isn’t a crucial part of your job, recruiters excessively look for workers with primary literacy in social media management. The more you understand the advantages and limits of social media, there are more chances you can start your social media work in a valuable manner.

Desktop Publishing

It is one of the significant skills of information and communication technology. Desktop publishing includes the making of materials that are first required to be printed and then distributed. These may involve brochures, newsletters, fliers, and more. You can develop many things by using desktop publishing software, and many jobs around the world need you to have initial knowledge and skills in this category. Whilst masses with an artistic, creative eye may be specifically better at desktop publishing, anyone can get better with continuous practice.


Innovation in information communication technology has transformed this field. It has made people’s life much more effective. I hope, we will see more innovations in the field of information communication technology in future.

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