What Is A PPC? And What Is PPC Management?


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Back then, it was very difficult to reach out to a high-level targeted audience. But, with the help of marketing tools like PPC management, it is very simple to bring organic visitors to your website.

What Is PPC?

Pay per click or PPC is a sort of digital marketing which include marketer paying money every time one of their advertisement is viewed. In simple words, you just pay for marketing if your advertisement is really viewed. It is basically a way of “purchasing” visits to your website, moreover to steering organic website visits.

One of the most famous ways of pay per click is search engine marketing, which offers marketers to pay for advertisement placement in a sponsored link of the search engine. This operates when anyone searches for a related keyword to their offering business. For instance, imagine we offer the “Google shopping management” keyword, our advertisement may appear on the above Google’s page of results.

What Is PPC Management?

PPC management is where a team or an individual marketer supervise an organization’s whole pay per click ad budget and strategy. This can be operated by an outsourced PPC agency or by an in house team of media buyers and marketers.

A PPC agency normally manages the following operations.

Target Channels: Choosing which paid channels of media to begin. These can involve Bing ads, Google ads, social media marketing and even display networks.

Research of Keywords: Identifying and unveiling the related keywords that your potential audience is searching for.

Analysis of Competition: Examining what the competitors are doing, what related keywords and ad creativity they are adopting to target the audience.

Testing of Split: Certain A/B test of landing pages and latest ads. Normal tests across the whole PPC funnel.

Monitoring of PPC: Measuring every keyword and campaign. Making sure efforts of PPC management are submitting a positive “ROI”.

Optimization of Campaign: Examining the structure of the campaign and optimizing on upper performing related keywords. For instance, If 15% of related keywords conduct in the business majority, you might need to focus your said budget on those related keywords for enhancing the ROI.

Not all company has the capability to hire a full-time house manager for PPC. So. it might make more sense to recruit a PPC agency specifically if you are new to the business of PPC or lack the resources to hire a house PPC management manager.

Best PPC Agency

The best PPC agency is the company that has the most number of clients. A PPC marketing agency is one of the highest-paid marketing agencies. Some top PPC marketing agency includes:

One Umbrella

One Umbrella is the best social media and advertising PPC agency in London, UK.

Hype Digital

Hype Digital is a top PPC marketing agency in Cape Town, SA


XNUMERIK is a dominant social media and PPC marketing agency in Rabat, Morocco.

UAWC Agency

It is the best social media marketing and PPC agency in Kiev, Ukraine.


PPC marketing is the best way to attain a targeted audience instantly. Through forums like Bing, Facebook, Google, Instagram and many others, you can build paid ads quickly.

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