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As we all know the present era is the era of technology. As technology is advancing day by day, tech companies are also trying their best to be on top of all. Many tech companies are doing well in the field of science and technology. The five most reputed tech companies are as follows.

ASML Holding NV (ticker: ASML)

This company is based in the Netherlands and recently made it to the list of the biggest tech companies in the world. This company’s beneficiary of almost 140% recovers through last year. Just in case you might think this kind of rise in tech stocks of this company looks like a fluke among other top companies, consider thinking again. ASML basically processes a legalized proprietorship as it is the only best-quality ‘extreme ultraviolet lithography machine’ manufacturer. It is one of the successful and major tech companies. The market value of this company is $350 billion.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Samsung achieved its place among big tech companies in the world by going nip and tuck with one of the biggest and successful tech brands: apple. Samsung series of galaxy tablets and smartphones is the major challenger to apple’s IPad And iPhone, and this company has managed to reduce Apple’s dominance in the share market of tablets from 54% in 2011 to just 12% in 10 years after. Samsung is one of the biggest tech companies and also one of the successful companies in the smartphone market share. The market value of this company is $440 billion.

Nvidia Corp. (NVDA)

Nvidia is a successful high-tech quality chipmaker company. Nvidia had an exceptional journey to earn the spot as one of the biggest tech companies around the world.

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