Types of Errors In Programming


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Encountering various types of errors in programming is the biggest component of the process of development. The great program developers become convenient in detecting the errors they make and fastly fixing them.

All you need to know about types of errors in programming is discussed below.

Syntax Error Programming

The syntax error is one of the common types of error in programming. Same as languages of humans, languages of computers also have some grammatical rules. However, humans are enabled to interact with lesser than proper grammar but computer machines cannot ignore such grammatical errors for example syntax errors.

For instance, let us assume the right syntax for the purpose of printing is print(‘hello’), but if we mistakenly ignore any of the parentheses whilst coding. An error of syntax will appear, and because of this, the whole program will be stopped from running.

Logic Error Programming

It is also one of the common types of error in programming. These types of errors can be very difficult to detect. Everything seems like working fine, you’ve just assigned the computer machine to do the incorrect program. The program is correct technically, however, the outcomes will not be what you expected them to be.

For example, if you did not examine the needs before and wrote code to be back to the oldest user in your computer system when you required the latest, the logic error would take place.

Compilation Error Programming

It is also one of the types of errors in programming. Some programming languages need a step of compilation. The compilation is a process where high-level language turns into a lower-level language that your system can know perfectly. A compile-time or compilation computer errors appears when the compiler does not understand how to convert your language code into the code of a lower level.

In our syntax error example, let assume if we were compiling print(‘hello’, the compiler would be stopped and notify us it does not understand how to turn this into a lower level as it looks for ‘a’ ) after the ‘.

If there is a presence of compilation computer errors in your software, you will not be able to get it launched or tested.

Runtime Errors

The fourth in our list is Runtime errors. It is one of the common types of error in programming. Runtime errors appear when a user is operating your program. The codes may operate perfectly on your computer, however on the server of the web, there may be another configuration, or it may be communicated within a method that could source a runtime error.

If your computer take hold of the input from a structure and attempted to capitalize the initial alphabet of a word by operating something such as params[:first_name].capitalize, the program would break if the structure was delivered with the exclusion of a first name.


Error in programming can be really annoying and disturbing and could cost a lot amount of time, however analyzing your code thoroughly before executing your program could prove very helpful.

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