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Inventory management is initially a method of tools, techniques, and technologies that a business executes to organize and manage its supply chain process. The method that it’s used and applied ranges from easy to difficult.

Some of the best inventory management software are given below.


EPRAG is the best inventory management software. It is perfect for midsize and small businesses in different fields, including retail, information technology, education, automobile, and more. Basic features include purchasing, sales management, manufacturing management, inventory management, accounting and finance, analytics, and reporting. EPRAG offers its users to organize processes of business including ordering, selling, receiving, and delivery. Different features include shipping management, service management, point of sale and barcode scanning, user-access management, and payroll.

EPRAG allows integration with Google Drive, Microsoft, Google Mail, WooCommerce, QuickBooks, Magneto, Square, Stripe, and Shopify. It holds up 35+ worldwide shippers including FedEx, USPS, and UPS.


Megaventory is one of the best inventory management software. This cloud-based software focused on medium-ranged businesses. Its main features include manufacturing management, order fulfillment, reporting, and invoicing. This inventory software allows complete client support. The feature of inventory management aims at delivering inventory in more than one place, keep examining levels of stock, examining the availability of suppliers, and checking the time inventory return. The fulfillment order feature assists users in managing orders of sales received from customers, as well as buying orders from providers. It also helps in forming quotes of sales, consignment details, shipping quotes, and drop shipping.


eLabInventory is a sample tracking system and the best inventory management software designed to assist companies access data of business in actual time. It allows a wide range of features and put-on tools that makes this inventory software ideal for an institution of research. It allows employees to securely store and access data in visualize databases, centralized repositories, manage roles of users and permissions, keep stock upgraded, and eliminate the error of humans


Primeseller is one of the best inventory management software that is perfect for offline and online retailers. It delivers order synchronization and inventory between all online and offline sales channels, along with options like a B2B eCommerce Portal, QuickBooks integration, discounted USPS rates, built-in POS, etc. Amazon, Magneto, Integrate Etsy, BigCommerce stores, WooCommerce, and conveniently organize orders. Visit the website of this inventory software and sign up for a free trial. Primeseller is a strong yet easy Multi channel.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the best inventory management companies that can help you enhance your business. It offers all the features your company requires, yet is very convenient to operate. You can manage your books, organize inventory, inspect sales, and also run payroll. It is one of the perfect inventory management companies that is helping the business community every day.


Inventory management is a difficult but important component of the process of the supply chain. A significant system of inventory management assists to lessen costs related to stock for example ordering costs, warehousing and carrying.

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