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Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become essential in increasing your website traffic and visibility to your target audience. To work on the SEO of your website or content, you often need the right plugins. i.e., WooCommerce banner images and suitable tools for analysis do not always work for all.

Many programs are available for Android and iOS today to help you understand and improve your site’s SEO. These programs allow you to analyze your content and offer valuable advice to follow the best practices required for search engine rankings.

Why Being There In App Store Search Is Important?

According to Apple, store searches generate 65% of content that comes into the Apple App Store. It shows that people often go to the store to find a specific program and know what they want. Customers use keywords in different combinations to find your application. So, App Store optimization (including keyword optimization) can pay if you convince them that your app is what they are looking for.

Apptentive data shows that browsing stores are the most common way consumers find apps. App Store optimization accounts for up to 68% of downloads. This indicates that if you don’t use your app to search the store, you may lose many users.

For specialized applications, the percentage of conversions from Store searches can be even higher, resulting in an impressive ROI. Another reason keyword optimization is so important is that while other important aspects of app store usage are not entirely under your control, the result of The keywords is up to you.

You can’t expect to get great reviews and ratings overnight. You can’t have too many versions of your app in a short time. But you can use your keyword app from day one of launch.

Top 3 Best SEO Apps for Android

1. Google Analytics

Before you take steps to improve your SEO, you need a tool to measure the SERPs result. Google Analytics is one of the best analytics services available online. In addition, there is a great free Android app.

The Google Analytics app will help you keep track of all your properties on your android phone. You can use it to analyze data in real-time, check metrics in built-in reports, compare date ranges, and use categories.

2. SEO Check

SEO Check allows you to check and analyze the SEO in your website. It offers different features to check things like meta description, page quality, title, incoming links, external content, and website advertising.

As soon as you enter your website into the application, the quality of your content will be checked. The best thing about this app is that it thoroughly explains everything you didn’t follow SEO guidelines and gives you information on how to make things SEO friendly.

It offers additional SEO tools such as Keyword Checker, Backlink Checker, and Rank Checker to give you link information, all using the same app, saving you time and effort.

3. Keyword Planner

The keyword planner has many useful features for keeping track of your site. It analyzes referral traffic from your social networks, landing pages, titles, and download speed.

It allows you to search for traffic and cost per click (CPC) of a specific keyword with offers, check the position of your search engine, search by your competitors, analyze the website’s internal and external links, and more.

You need to install this app, which will generate free tags to help you optimize your website for SEO. It also gives you helpful information about backlinks.

This app has many features, but you must watch many ads to get this information.

Top 3 Best SEO Apps for iPhone

1. Analytics Pro 3 icon

Analytics Pro 3 is the SEO search app that provides the most comprehensive insights and reports for Google Analytics on iPhones and iPad. Analytics Pro 3 has powerful tools that make it easy to clean up messages and dashboards and drill down into your data. More than 100 media reports are available.

Analytics Pro 3 uses the latest Analytics API v4 for the most advanced Google Analytics data. Six beautiful symbols present your insights simply and transparently. Dashboards are highly customizable and interactive, so detailed analysis is effortless.

Custom Reports gives you the full power of Google Analytics. Create your customized reports using 9 of the best templates for different types of analysis. Dashboard cells can be shared with media or image files.

2. iSEO – SEO Audit Tool icon

iSEO makes it incredibly easy to track your SEO progress. The app is simple to use, intuitive and allows you to enter an unlimited number of domains. All your historical data is kept in one spot, so it’s easy to find and view. Save snapshots of your SEO statistics and compare them going by timestamps.

3. SEO BackLinks icon

Backlinks are links from other reputable websites to your site. By using this SEO tool BackLink app, you can see the quality score of your website. The higher the number of good sites linking to your content, the more your page rank will improve.

Find and analyze backlinks quickly and easily with SEO Backlink Checker for iPad from LXR Marketplace. Just enter any URL, and this tool will show you all links going to that URL from the website. View your listing or check out the list of competitors.


When it comes to keyword research, you can spend hours researching keyword metrics. In the end, the ranking of the keywords is the most important. The process of using words does not end with the search and selection of the right words in some relevant areas. It’s about continuous testing.

When doing ASO, you need to figure out what works for your application and what doesn’t base on keyword usage and usage. This is only possible if you allow yourself to try something and fail.

To minimize the impact of a ranking drop and stay ahead of the competition, update your app’s metadata regularly. Once you start the high ranking for low index search, switch to high index search.

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