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Software technology is one of the powerful tools that will be needed for the execution of the tasks related to business, media, gaming, and many more. Software technology is making the life of people very easy by introducing different software that can be processed for various tasks. Some of the top software technology companies and their provided services are discussed below.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

Microsoft is the leading software technology group. It provides a wide assemblage of services and software technology by allowing processing services of desktops for individuals and organizations through the Microsoft Office software suite. As it is the biggest software technology group in the world right now, Microsoft allows hosting of operating systems, software development, server applications, and different other products. This company has also a great contribution to cloud software development technologies and services. Not only this, but Microsoft also sells consoles of video games, services of digital music, and many other services.

Adobe Inc.

Adobe is one of the leading software technology companies in the field of electronic and print media. The company is famous for its services for example “Adobe Creative Cloud Suite” which primarily includes “Adobe Photoshop” and “Adobe Illustrator”. This software technology group also develops Experience cloud services and Document Cloud and different tools related to digital marketing.

Check Point Software Technologies Inc.

Check point software technologies is one of the leading software technology companies. This company offers solution software related to cyber security to corporate business firms and government organizations. Inc. (CRM)

This is also one of the best business software development technologies. software technology group provides management of client relationship services and software for business customers. This software technology company offers tools for the operation, sales, customer service, automation for marketing, and many more. is famous for its forums of technology that offer developers and customers to make and operate applications related to business.


SAP is one of the effective software technology companies based in Germany. This software technology group has a specialization in developing business-related software. This software technology group offers tools for the management of the business and Electronic business (e-business), and various service ranges that include business consultation and training on software integration and management.

VMware Inc.

VMware is one of the great companies of software development technologies. This company specifically is a virtualization and cloud computing company that offers products dealing with a wide range of issues related to information technology. VMware software is developed to deal with issues like “business continuity concerns”, “issues of software lifecycle”, and to offer tools of general desktop management.

Oracle Corp. (ORCL)

Oracle is one of the finest providers of software development technologies. This software technology group develops management software of business information for workstations, network computers, personal digital assistants, mainframes, and different other devices. This company’s products are built for use in marketing, finance, sales and services, human resources, production and supply chain process, etc. In simple words, this software technology group develops business-friendly software. Oracle also delivers cloud services and infrastructure.


Software technology has become the need of human life. The world is moving so fast in the field of software technology, however many software companies trying their best to maintain their position in the provider list of top software technology companies.

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