Most Popular Types Of Office Jobs


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Most people start their career venture by doing low paying job. If you are searching for a solid environment of work and a decent amount of pay, then office jobs is likely a suitable career option for you.

Account Manager

It is one of the popular types of office jobs out there. Account managers manage the tactics and relationships of the business with customers for their organization. They are in control of knowing their customer’s short and long-term requirements, and managing the organization’s products and resources to assist in meeting those objectives. They cater as the customer’s major contact point and will sometime offer upsells or recommendations to increase their customer’s achievements.

Data Entry Clerk

The data entry clerk is also one of the popular types of office jobs. It updates and input data into the databases of computer for organizations. This includes organizing documents and manually inputting data and virtually scanning information. An elementary understanding of machinery in the office as well as accomplished skills of typing and great knowledge of computers is essential. Data entry clerks should be familiar with different data-related programs such as word, excel, etc, highly sorted and thoroughly oriented.


The receptionist is one of the common types of office jobs. Receptionists operate in an executive role in a organization or other company. Receptionists welcome vendors, customers, patients or anyone who comes into the organization’s facility or office. The receptionists are always the initial individual you see displaying the organization, so the role of their duty is to develop a great impression on each one they meet. Another role of their job is to attend to phone calls and different other tasks of administration. Their role of duty also depends upon the organization in which they’re employed. It is relatively a low paying job.

Executive Assistants

It is also one of the common types of office jobs. It offers administrative hold up to higher executives and helps with their everyday roles. This includes elementary office duties like taking messages, answering calls, scheduling meetings, welcoming visitors, and making arrangements for travel. For these types of admin or office jobs, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is preferred. Efficiency and attention to detail are essential.

Administrative Assistants

This is one of the popular types of office jobs. An administrative assistant performs office duties to assist a company to execute efficiently. Like the go-to individual within an organization, their role may involve scheduling appointments, greeting visitors, answering the call, filing documents, and offering basic support to other employers. Administrative assistants should be competent and friendly, as often their role is to represent their organizations.

Office Assistant

It is one of the best types of office jobs. These admin or office jobs operate directly for a supervisor or an administrator. Assistants of the office manage office tasks and organizational duties. These duties and tasks might include writing copy, receiving mail, scheduling appointments and filing, providing customer service, and proofreading. For this kind of admin or office jobs, a bachelor’s degree is preffered.


In a nutshell, office jobs provide a great working environment as well as a good amount of pay or wages.

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