How Will Technology Impact Law Firms


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Technology in the field of law has been advancing the practice of law. Different Law firm technology is helping the law firm staff and people related to this field. Law office technology has positive impacts in the area of the law department. But this law firm technology has totally transformed the whole traditional practice of law.

Virtual Hearings

Virtual hearing is one of the great innovations of law firm technology. The law office technology has helped during the Covid-19 pandemic when many countries imposed a nationwide lockdown and it was nearly impossible for the law firms to proceed with court hearings.

These virtual hearings are commenced through phone or video conferences. Switching in-person hearing to a virtual platform has helped a lot in tackling schedule delays.

Virtual hearings also have obstacles. Judges, attorneys, juries, and other staff of court have been worked diligently to prevent these obstacles. They observed, things work well in person rather than virtually. So, virtual hearings can be proceeding when it is not possible to come to courts.

Amplified Research On Expert Witnesses

Most of the time attorneys normally spend more time and effort into background checking of their retained expert witnesses than they need to. Even after checking, it is still possible to miss information about the expert that could affect the case. But this issue has also been solved by law firm technology. A software called “Expert iQ” helps in monitoring products and in enhancing profiles. With it, counsel can have detailed information on any expert’s legal involvement, media presence, and professional standing. This law office technology is very helpful for the counsel.

Secured File-Sharing Tools

Sharing of files in the practice of law is unavoidable. The most common ways of sharing files are via email which is not always secure. It is very important to secure activities like client communications, circulating a contract for signature or, documents related to the case. Some companies such as Dropbox, Citrix Sharefile, and IBM Aspera have moved forward to provide solutions to this issue. These companies offer complete encryption of your personal data. This aspect of law firm technology has helped the law department a lot.

Law Firm Marketing Technology

The legal marketing system is transforming rapidly than anyone could have anticipated a decade ago, raising some worth concerning questions like is artificial intelligence a friend or enemy? Will the law firm’s services remain relevant? Which law firm marketing technology can assist our firm to prosper, and which law firm marketing technology do we need to execute just to survive?

Law firm marketing technology has both positive and adverse impacts in the field of law.

Law Firm Collaboration Technologies

It is in the public knowledge that the way lawyers exercise law has, in many techniques, dramatically transforms during the covid-19 pandemic. Law firm collaboration technologies have changed the process of how to communicate and collaborate. A crucial component of the effective exercise of law has always included communication and collaboration within the premises of law firms and with courts and clients.


As we know that, technology has its impacts on all most every field of the world. The innovation of law office technology has been very helpful for law firms as well as for counsel.

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