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The business blockchain is a new type of technology that can help you to earn money very conveniently. The business blockchain is running very smoothly around the world making the payment method and transfer of money very effective. Some of the blockchain business ideas are given below.

Exchanging Of CryptoCurrency

It is one of the best blockchain business ideas. This is one of the most popular businesses at the time. Various organizations are presenting the exchange of cryptocurrency. All you need to process is to duplicate their formula of blockchain business model with this business, anyone could exchange cryptocurrencies for example trump coin, billion coins, Etherum or bitcoin, etc, for other cryptocurrencies or for money.

This exchange of cryptocurrencies requires authentic licenses, which can be costly in many countries like the US (which you will require for each state). Because of this reason, many organizations of cryptocurrency blockchain process offshore such as Binance, the biggest exchange by volume, transferring to Malta, where rules are not much strict, taxes are rational, and fees of license don’t cost much.

Sell Goods for Cryptocurrency

It is also one of the great blockchain business ideas. You could establish a business where you offer cryptocurrency as a payment method for goods purchased on your provide store. Although, if you are having an existing business, you can offer cryptocurrency as another payment method for your store. This blockchain business model can help you to extend your services.

Many people are trying to build their way into the cryptocurrency business, and owning this business is an immense advantage. You can make innovations by making use of different applications to assist you to execute cryptocurrency as a payment method for your buyers. This process is very effective for the business blockchain.

Start Your Own E-commerce

It is the most effective blockchain business ideas. You can Launch your own E-commerce business on Amazon, although Amazon does not take cryptocurrency directly but establish a way where buyers exchange their cryptocurrencies for gift cards with amazon with a specific discount offered by Amazon. Another best method to start off is by processing an online forum that already provides cryptocurrency as a payment method such as Shopify.

Blockchain Consultancy

In order to become a consultant of a blockchain, you have to be the best in the business blockchain.

Consultants of blockchain can be skilled in one field or more than one, and they can help you with anything that is related to the business blockchain. Blockchain consultants can assist people by informing them about this field or applying their businesses using the blockchain business model.

Microtransaction Provider

It is also one of the convenient blockchain business ideas. It was not much possible to transfer the minimum amount of cash such as less than a dollar through the internet because the sending cost will be higher than the money.

Microtransaction API has been released by Blockcypher that is making a way to transfer money as small as you want. You can easily process with a system of MicroStation that offers quick and easy money transfer of micro Bitcoin payment.


Global blockchain business council (GBBC) is a prominent organization for the technology of blockchain. Global blockchain business council (GBBC) is the ecosystem having 130 ambassadors from 76 disciplines and jurisdictions and more than 350 members of institutions. Blockchain business process management is managing this technology effectively.

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