How To Calculate Exchange Rate?


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An exchange rate is just a price. It is the value of a nation’s currency with respect to other. So, they can be analyzed and examined with the tactics of demand and supply. The most common way to calculate this is by using the rate of exchange formula.

What Is Exchange Rate?

The rate of one nation’s currency in comparison to other nation’s currency is known as the exchange rate. For instance, How much USD does it required to purchase 1 euro? The exchange rate was 1.1720, simply meaning it required 1.1720 dollars to purchase 1 euro.

Analyzing Exchange Rate

Normally, an exchange rate is denoted by using acronym of the nation’s currency it displays. For instance, the acronym EUR represents the euro, whilst USD represents the U.S. dollar. To denote these pairs of currency for the euro and the dollar, it would denote as USD/EUR.

For Japanese currency, it is denoted as USD over JPY, or USD to yen. An exchange rate of 102 would imply that one USD equals 102 yen.

Normally, the exchange rate can be fixed or free-floating. A fixed exchange rate is related to the worth of another currency while the free-floating exchange rate increases and decreases because of the transforms in the market of foreign exchange. For example, the dollar of honk kong is connected to the dollar of the united states in an assortment  of 7.70 to 7.80.2 this signifies the worth of dollar of Honk Kong to the USD will maintain within this parameter.

Exchange Rate Calculator

An exchange rate calculator is used for calculating various exchange rates. Let’s assume, the USD/CAD pair of currency is “1.33”, which implies that it costs “1.33” CAD for 1 USD. In currency pair of USD/CAD, the initial currency enlisted (US Dollars) always supports an individual unit of that specific currency. The exchange rate presents how many of the secondary currency (Canadian Dollars) is required to buy that one unit of the initial (United States Dollars).

This exchange rate tells you about the costs to purchase one USD by making use of CAD. To know how much it takes to purchase 1 CAD by making use of USD execute the given exchange rate formula: 1/exchange rate.

In this scenario, 1 over 1.33 equals 0.751. It takes about 0.751 USD dollars to purchase 1 CAD. However, the exchange rate formula is the traditional way to calculate the exchange rate, now you can make use of different exchange rate calculator apps available on the internet. The exchange rate calculator apps are very feasible to use, you just have to select whatever currency you want to calculate and enter the numbers, and the screen will show your desired result. Now, it is up to you whether you go for the rate of exchange formula or exchange rate calculator apps.


An exchange rate defines a nation’s economic and financial stability, when the exchange rate changes, the rate of imported and exported goods will also change in value. You can calculate the exchange rate by using the exchange rate formula or by downloading the exchange rate calculator app.

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