How Technology Has Changed Television


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Over time, technology is advancing day by day in every field. Television technology is also being advanced by the passing of time. Before the television technology was not so smart as it was very large in size and the picture quality was not the best, but now the latest TV technology has been innovating very rapidly and providing a high-level picture quality and this newest TV technology are very handy.

High-Definition Television (HD TV)

Enhancing the number of pixels essentially signifies the improvement of the resolution. This became feasible with the help of digital technology.

HD TV technology has been innovating very rapidly, so the TV technology you counted before, will not impress you now. In the past decade, most TV technologies came up with a minimum resolution of 720 rows.

This TV technology was soon replaced by the newest TV technology called “Full HD (FHD)”. This TV technology has a total number of pixels of 1920 x 1080 which provides a high-quality resolution. 

4K Television Technology

TV technology proceeds to advance even beyond the Full HD and so we have a new name in the field to designate the advanced quality that capitulates a qualitatively enhanced picture experience. While some call this latest TV technology “Ultra HD (UHD”, others refer to it with the precise name from the number of pixels needed. A 4K television technology refers to any format of display with a resolution of almost 4 thousand pixels. IT has a resolution setup of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is 4th time as many pixels as FHD. This newest TV technology provides a high-quality picture experience.

Organic Light-Emitting Diode OLED TV

This is the newest TV technology that provides impressive effects via electroluminescence. Each small pixel of OLED in the screen develops light relying on the amount of electric current you send it. This makes it possible to get the ultimate high level of contrast and to provide extremely great picture quality.

OLED TV technology can develop a perfect black contract without emitting light and has a contrast ratio of brightest white divided by perfect black. This is the only television technology with the capabilities of extremely blacks and absolute whites on a per-pixel basis. That ultimate range of contrast makes it picture quality worth experiencing. 

Smart TV or Connected TV (CTV)

This latest TV technology connects with the internet which makes it a “smart TV”. This TV technology is also called Internet TV. Smart TV normally comes with built-in applications for programming provided over the internet. These apps are just picking up user’s data like the apps on your mobile device. This newest TV technology has changed the whole method of Television technology because it has the internet. You can watch whatever you want by simply searching it on the internet and viewing it on your smart TV.


As the world is advancing with new technology, everyday technology is replaced by new technology. The same thing is happening with the television as every day a newest TV technology is supplanting the older one.

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