How Has Technology Improved Healthcare


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Technology has a positive impact on the healthcare system around the world. Technology and healthcare both have strong relationships with each other, as the advancement of healthcare technology has resolved many issues of the healthcare system.

Availability of Medical Information

There are almost seven billion users of mobile devices around the globe. Daily, these mobile phone devices are used for entertainment and education purposes. Healthcare technology helped in the accessibility of doctors as virtually it is very easy to engage with any doctor around the world.

The increase of social media and different other platforms have made healthcare facilities more available to the people. Alongside their websites, hospitals made their online accounts for useful information such as new announcements, medical breakthroughs, etc.

However, healthcare technology has not been able to replace physical clinical services, but healthcare information technology has made it possible to take guidance online of the best healthcare practitioners around the world.

Health Monitoring Devices

Laboratory work often contains waiting in the hospital. But the advancement of healthcare technology has solved this issue. Now, people can buy wearable devices to monitor their health-related things such as blood pressure, stress level, and oxygen level, etc.

Some of the examples of these healthcare information technology services are given below.

Glucose Monitor 

It is one of the best examples of healthcare information technology services. Glucometer is a portable device that is very helpful for patients who are diagnosed with diabetes. This device monitors blood glucose levels seven days a week.

Blood Pressure and Heath Rates Monitor

It is also one of the great inventions of healthcare information technology. Most smartwatches allow you to monitor blood pressure and heart rates. These types of smartwatches are very helpful for people dealing with excessively high blood pressure.

Hand Hygiene Monitor

Some of the wearable wrist inertial sensors are invented to remind them to wash their hands regularly and properly. This innovative healthcare information technology gadget is very helpful in having proper hygiene of hand.

Lessen Waiting Times

Healthcare technology has the procedures of laboratory and other forms of medical testing procedures easier. Moreover, some procedures are more accurate and less incursive, with results coming in a small amount of time with the help of new emerging technology in healthcare.

Instead of waiting for a long time just to know whether there is something not right with your body or if you are suffering from a slighter serious illness, you can now have the answers quickly.

Rapid Development Of Vital Medicines

The advancement of healthcare technology helped in the development of vital medicine. Many pharmaceutical organizations are taking advantage of healthcare technology for the development of essential drugs. We have the current example of vaccines of COVID-19, which took less than a year to develop with the help of emerging technology in healthcare.


As we know that technology and healthcare are connected with each other, so the advancement of technology is the advancement of the healthcare system. If emerging technology in healthcare continues to advance, we may see more new innovations in the field of the healthcare system.

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