How Has Technology Changed Warfare


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The technological warfare definition can be stated as the technology used on the battlefield of war. With the advancement of technology, the way of warfare is also being advancing. All developed nations are spending their budget on technological warfare weapons to be the best in the field of war.

The Connection Between Technology And War

There is a strong relation between military organizations and technological warfare transformation. The advancement of technology brings technological warfare into a structure. Technological warfare is an element of war. Warfare is a physical military forces activity to fight for a motive. Technology played a key role in the transformation of warfare.

The modern tool of war is a new warfare technology. The missiles, tanks, drones, satellites, airplanes, and GPS are examples of new warfare technology. Technological warfare is not implied to be the component of military forces but it also has transformed the other fields of battle like air and sea. Naval military forces are useless without ships. Air warfare can never exist without technological warfare aircraft and missiles. The United States of America had an installation of missile defense in order to stop the infinite and fast ballistic missile. Sea warfare is not similar to air warfare because of the tactics and strategy and most importantly the tools used for both warfares. The weapons and tools invented for air fighting can not be used for sea warfare. You cannot win wars with traditional ways of war against a nation that has new warfare technology.

Technological Warfare Weapons

There are some technological warfare examples to show the impact of technological warfare is discussed below.

Laser Weapons

These weapons are one of the great technological warfare examples. Laser weapons are mounted on planes and ships. It is a silent beam of death to the enemies.

Electromagnetic Weapons

This weapon is another one of the best technological warfare examples.

Electromagnetic weapons emit energy to the set point. This energy results in physical harm, pain, or electronic damage.

Autonomous Lethal Weapons

They are also called robot weapons. These weapons target the enemy and have constant timing to shoot the enemy. These types of weapons are some of the best technological warfare examples.

The Adverse Impacts Technological Warfare

Some wars are popular for the role new warfare technology played. Latest technologies like cyber weapons, aerial vehicles, and lethal robots updated the fundamentals they confronted the laws of warfare. The use of technological warfare weapons in decision-making in order to target and kill the people has ethical applications that are terrifying enough to set foot in their culture.

Most of the countries are unable to build these new warfare technology weapons because of their expense. Not only the expense but innovations in technological warfare need time and human time and efforts.


We know from the technological warfare definition that technology has a strong connection with warfare. Technological warfare has many benefits but it also has adverse impacts. The nation that is occupied with the new warfare technology is considered as more strong than the others.

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