How Has Technology Changed Farming


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Agriculture is the backbone of many countries around the world as the agricultural sector plays a central role in the country’s economy with its contribution to GDP. Farming technology helped in the enhancement of agricultural production. Some of the farming technologies are discussed below.

Farm Implements Have Altered

The first implement for easy and convenient harvesting method to farmers was the combine harvesting method. This method was found in 1886, since then this method altered and advanced in bounds and leaps.

Farming technology has changed the whole concept of the traditional farming method. Modern era combine harvesters have a much bigger header connected to the front, with blades that are interchangeable for different types of crops. Modern-day harvesting method operates with different software such as sensors that trace the quantity of grain sliding through the harvesting machine and technology of GPS that maintain and record performance data.

Using Data For The Farming Betterments

The advancement of the internet and data analysis allows farmers to process data to farm better. Sensors of different pieces of equipment of farming and plants, weather tracking, and satellite pictures, these advancements of technology enable farmers to fetch data for future decisions of farming. In the coming future, the use of fertilizer and water will be regulated and monitored which will help farmers to have proper knowledge of water usage so that they could reduce it and process more suitable methods of farming using farming technology.

Automation To Reduce Workload

Automation technology in farming has reduced the workload of farmers. Automation technology process all the heavy work which was done by farmers manually in the traditional method of farming. Some examples of automation in farming are automated vehicles run remotely or by robotics and automated harvesting machines.

Introduction Of 4G

Technology needs fast internet and most of the farmers belong to rural areas that have a huge problem of access to the internet because of the lack of infrastructure. The introduction of 4G network technology has helped the farmers a lot and played a great role in providing high-speed internet in rural areas. However Many countries are working on 5G technologies and in the coming future, we would see the use of the best 5G network in farming.

GEA Farm Technologies

Another example of farming technology is Gea farm technologies. Gea farm technologies are a company that offers a cooling range and westfaliasurge milking and different other dairy farm technologies. This company meets all kinds of dairy farm equipment needs. Gea Farm Technologies Company is award-winning in delivering dairy farm technologies.

Farm Technology Days

Farm technology days is the biggest agricultural event held every year in Wisconsin. It is a three-day outdoor show that presents the recent improvements in agricultural production that include all practical applications of the latest technological developments and research findings. Farming technology days 2021 had also been held successfully. In this event, the topic of agricultural enhancement through technology had been discussed in detail.


Farming technology played a tremendous role in the growth and production of the agricultural sector. Technology has neglected the old traditional method of farming which required a great source of manpower. Technology in the agricultural sector has been helping farmers all over the world as new technologies are introduced every other day.

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