How Has Technology Changed Communication


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The communication technology definition can be stated as a technology that involves in the matter of communication. Communication technology has positive as well as adverse impacts on the field of communication. Some impacts of information and communication technology on the field of communication are discussed below.

Latest Media VS Traditional Media

The quick advancement and adoption of the latest information and communication technology has transformed every aspect of communication via traditional media. Professional media journalists’ in broadcast and print media have had to participate with beginner publishers for people’s slight attention. Media companies that are unsuccessful to maintain latest communication technology might appear to be swallowed up by the nimble organizations using new information and communication technology. Website-based mobile applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are most of the time the first platforms people go when they want to know about breaking news. This is the positive impact of information communication technology.

Digital Marketing Communication VS Traditional Marketing Communication

Communication technology has revolutionized marketing and branding as well. Organizations are no longer depending on the traditional way of advertisement for revenue generation. Information and communication technology has resulted in various positive impacts in marketing and advertisement communication.

Digital World And Public Relations

Social media platforms have made public relations more difficult, but it has also widened a company’s availability. The managers of the public relations department should be hardworking in the way that communication technology proceeds. Before, upper-grade officials in a company may often be left communication external of the business to a public relations spokesperson. Every time now, senior managers collaborate with “stakeholders”, the public and the media, they are liable to misstate.  With the help of rapid increase of advanced communication technology advance devices and real-time reporting, public relations representatives must monitor and educate each and everyone in a company. They have to create disaster communication strategies when negative and embarrassing information goes viral around different social media platforms.

Involvement Of Smart Devices

Nowadays, everyone in every company has a personal computer in company or has a smart phone in their pocket. Most often employees bring their personal smart phone devices in company to do the company’s work which can lead to the risk of data breach for company. Data breach is a sensitive issue a company often has to deal. This is the adverse impact of communication technology in the field of communication.

Communications Technology And Degrees

Information Communication technology can be a gift and a curse for businesses. Information and communication technology increases productivity, but it also complexes tactics of public relations and marketing, as well as internal communications. Executing the new information communication technology for the improvement of the company needs a sensitive thought communication plan catered to acquired skills in tactic communication and media communication analysis.


As we know from the communication technology definition that technology has a strong impact on communication. Information communication technology is advancing day by day and its positive and adverse impacts are also enhancing.

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