How Fast Can We Travel In Space With Current Technology?


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With the passing of time, every major country around the world investing more and more in new space technology. Innovations in space technology are becoming a new sensation around the world. The two significant space technology companies are SpaceX and NASA. From innovating new spacecraft to making it easier and faster to travel to space, these space technology companies are doing their best.

What Is The Fastest Human-Made Object?

Bullets are one of the fastest man-made objects in the world. It can go twenty-six thousand miles per hour, more than 3x the sound speed. The fastest or the quickest air machine is the jet plane of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) called X3, with a pace of seven thousand miles per hour (mph). That sounds very interesting, but it is still just 0.001% of the light’s speed. The quickest man-made phenomenons are spacecraft. They make use of rockets to escape the gravity of the earth, which requires a pace of twenty-five thousand miles per hour (mph). The fastest spacecraft with future space technology features that are presently traveling is called the Parker Solar Probe by NASA. After it dispatches in 2018 from the earth, it runs through the scorching atmosphere of the sun and utilizes the gravity of the sun to get to the speed of 330,000 miles per hour. That is amazingly quick, still, it is just 0.05 percent of the light’s speed.

How Fast Can A Spaceship Go In Space?

In space, there is gravity which is called resistance. But resistance can enhance speed too. The great innovation of new space technology Juno probe set the record of 165,000 miles per hour (mph) of velocity and made its nearest approach to planet Jupiter. So, the fastest speed record in space is 165,000 mph.

What Is The Fastest Speed Achieved In Space?

A spaceship can travel about “seventeen thousand and five hundred” miles per hour (mph). Like any other different phenomenon in the lower orbit of the earth, a shuttle needs to get to speeds of about 17,5000 miles per hour (28,000 kilometers per hour) to be in trajectory.

What Was The Speed Of The Space Shuttle?

The spacecraft will be traveling at a speed of 430,000 miles per hour (692,000 kilometers per hour). On Earth, this speed would be similar to traveling from Tokyo to Washington, D.C., in less than sixty seconds or from Philadelphia to Washington D.C., in less than a second. But the management of this spacecraft is amazingly unconcerned about this record-breaking feature.


The advancement of new space technology has made it possible to travel to space faster and conveniently. Future space technology would be more effective and advanced. The fastest speed record in space is 364,660 miles per hour which is achieved by NASA’s Parker Solar Probe but with the help of future space technology, we could see the increase of speed in space. Now, many countries are investing more and more in future space technology to research and explore the other parts of this universe.

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