Creative Ideas To Utilize Your Camera As A Printer


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Cameras have been used since the 19th century to record memories and to reveal one’s artistic side. And like aspects of all civilizations, we grow and learn to improve our daily lives, which includes photography. It slowly made it easier to operate but with better quality. Right now, there are many different means to take pictures, from the old Polaroid method to the new digital techniques. They include editing for professional photography, memories, or fun.

The price range continuously varies. It can be as cheap as getting a phone or a security camera to buying an expensive professional one, which guarantees better quality. You can even add additional features to phones to improve picture quality, for example, by adding apps like Snapchat or hardware like a class 10 memory card with a 128GB SD card. Another old trending method today is using cameras as printers. Some known types are discussed below:


After studying from harvest and getting the idea from his three-year-old daughter Jennifer, Edwin.H. Land created the polaroid. The polaroid became a revolutionary invention and is considered the first camera printer or the instant camera. Nowadays, you can get both analogue and digital polaroid cameras. The old type of camera allows you to receive physical photos almost instantly; however, it is heavier. In comparison, you can transfer digital pictures to a computer to edit further. Its popularity has resurfaced among the younger generation. It’s fun, inexpensive, and still easy to use.

Connecting The Camera To A Printer

Nowadays, we can use a USB to connect our cameras to specific types of printers. This method allows us to directly print a physical copy of an image taken on our cameras onto a piece of paper. The best one to use for this task is the inkjet printer. Although using cameras for printers is a relatively new concept, it still doesn’t compare to an old picture book photograph. The main reason is the aesthetic and because the colour correction skill needed to print a decently coloured picture from a digital camera shot. Though the former is more favoured, printing an image is an easy and quick way to get a physical copy, especially for personal use. This method is possible due to the digital camera.

3D Printers

As the name says, it is a printer that can make 3D Models of the pictures you feed it. Special cameras can connect to these printers to input information on what type of sculpture you want. Along with this, it needs detailed information about the dimension of the image. These details are conveyed in the Standard Triangle Language (S.T.L.). This language allows the printer to see the design from all angles.

Since this device is very flexible with its materials, it can create all kinds of 3D figures or portraits you want. Some of these materials include plastic, metals, resin, paper, carbon fibre, e.t.c. It is used not only for constructing buildings and long-term art but also in the food industry. Many chefs use it for food products like shaping chocolate or even for an exact look-alike of plant-based meat products.

Portable Photo Printer

It is a device that can be connected to print out photos on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or WiFi. This device is small and light enough for you to travel with. It can be handy for quick labeling, checkouts, and billing in retail. It is easy to handle and cost-efficient. Since innovation has always had its charms, these will be a delight to use in a commerce workplace or even at home for labeling food items.


Even though we have a variety of options compared to our ancestors, human desire will continue to want more and better advancements for survival and entertainment. The latest equipment will continuously improve for the ease and betterment of humankind. The technologies today significantly impact how the generations will see us in today’s light and how they will depict our culture and era. I hope this article gave you a scope of how you can utilize your camera and the many ways you can use your camera creatively.

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