Best Study Apps For Students In 2022


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With the passing of time, the process of learning has become very smart and convenient. The advancement in the field of learning is making the life of students very easy.

All you need to know about apps to help you study is discussed below.

Microsoft To-Do – Our Choice

This is one of the best study apps for students. It is the latest advancement in the management of time tools for students. The key purpose of this app is keeping save the not-checked operations from the previous day in the section of “Yesterday.” With the assistance of this option, you can clearly see which actions you are required to turn to different other days or in the section of “My Day”.

This is one of the best apps for students of college because of its convenience and feasibility to sort tasks into lists. For instance, anyone can make sections like ‘Lab’, ‘Work’, ‘Home’ etc. Anyone can separate all lists into subsidiary tasks. So, when performing a project of biology, anyone can put subtasks like ‘Upload Picture’ and ‘Find source’ etc.


This is also one of the best study apps for the student to monitor and track your daily actions and tasks like homework, quizzes, projects, assignments, etc. It assists you to manage your daily schedule with an easy understanding of coding with color and managing your actions.

You can easily make your schedule for a whole semester and also include the assignments and their deadlines in the schedule. This study app will notify you by sending you notifications about upcoming tasks and deadlines.

Chegg Prep

This is one of the best apps for a student who loves studying with flashcards. This student app offers students to make flashcards of whatever subject they want, from French to SAT preparation and many more. Students can personalize their cards and once you have skilled a card, you can remove it from your desktop. You also have the ability to include pictures and if you do not want any trouble making your own flashcards, you can download any of them that have already been formed by thousands of other students. This student app is available on Apple App Store and Google PlayStore.


It is also one of the best study apps for a student that offers them to convert an iPad or iPhone into a portable scanner. The features provided by this app are specifically easy when executing research or operating texts physically that are required to be executed in more than one place. Students can scan whole pages of books in the library instead of checking out many books. After scanning the required material of study, you can put it in the cloud. This app also offers features for making workflows to manage all the ways of any procedure within the application. ScannerPro observes text within images so every image is also searchable. It is the best and easy method to go paperless.


With the help of these given study apps, the process of learning has become very easy and convenient for students. These best study apps for students have the potential to save precious time of students.

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