Best Gym Management Software (2022)


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Basically, fitness and gym management software is an entire control tool that assists administrative works in order to enhance connectivity, enhance revenue, save time, better retention of members, and many more. Some of the top gym management software includes:


Kicksite is one of the best gym management software that is based on could. It is martial arts solving gym software developed for minor and medium-sized martial arts gym and school provisions. The main attribute of this solving gym software includes tracking, lead management, fee collection, social media integration, rank management, and tracking. Other characteristics of this gym management software are inventory tracking, student ranking, student portal, and student check-in. The dashboard provides consumers to monitor and view metrics like membership status, upcoming birthdays, and student absences. It also assists in making campaigns lead with a confirmation page, follow-up email, and custom submission forms that assist consumers to get leads from their sites.


GymMaster is also one of the best gym membership software that is also based upon the cloud. This gym management software has many main attributes such as administrative work management, scheduling and billing, automated marketing retention, and membership management. Other characteristics of this gym software include automated marketing and online bookings, gym access controls, and point-of-the-scale. The control of access attributes offers consumers the to operate the health club, gym, and studios whenever they want to operate their key of access, control restrictions of time on memberships, and sustain a log visit. It also assists in determining member patterns of usage and staffing of gym workers. Consumers can mingle with clients through push notifications, email, and automated SMS services.

Gym Assistant

Gym assistant is one of the best gym scheduling software that is offering the best solution for the management of membership for little to mid-size gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs. This gym management software comes with an easy user interface that assists in developing reports and creating and accepting payments of credit cards. The instinctive user interface helps gym owners to decrease their load of work in managing records. This gym scheduling software has tools with important data that offer controllers to comprehensively conduct workings and maintain data of memberships. Consumers can check-in and list members, create marketing emails, print out financial reports and bills, sell lucrative memberships plan, keep track of the whole database of members, and recurring payments, and process EFT cards via an algorithm of automation which is known as “gym assista”.


Glofox is one of the best gym membership software developed to serve the specific requirements of fitness yoga, martial arts studios, gyms, and pilates. This gym membership software assists studio owners and gym enhances tasks of admin like member management, class scheduling, check-in, billing, and reporting. This gym management software provides studio owners and gym to execute bookings via a committed member app on android and iOS devices.


Gym management software is a life-changing development in the field of fitness. It has made life easier for the people who are willing to live a healthy and fit life.

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