Best Books On Artificial Intelligence In 2022


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Artificial Intelligence is an interesting area to research and its significance in today’s world is no longer been ignored. Some of the best machine learning and artificial intelligence books are thoroughly discussed below.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)

Artificial Intelligence: A modern Approach by Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell is one of the best artificial intelligence books. This book covers the developments and transforms in AI since those covered in the past edition of this book back in “2003”. This AI book edition covers the newest advancement in Artificial Intelligence in the industry of machine translation, household robotics, practical speech recognition, and autonomous vehicles. This AI book also covers the developments in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning.

Deep Learning with Python 2nd Edition by François Chollet

This is one of the best machine learning and artificial intelligence books. This significant book is primarily based on the framework of Keras. The 2nd edition of this AI bool is presently available with a set of new changes and additions. This book is one of the most recommended artificial intelligence books.

The author of this AI starts off on a great venture teaching deep machine learning from scratch. The style of the author is very interesting and understandable.

Robotics: A Very Short Introduction By Alan Winfield

This is one of the best books on robotics and artificial intelligence right now. This AI book analyzes the influence of one of the present era’s most crucial technologies. Alan Winfield covers the significance of robotics by putting them in a set range, from warehouse automation and traditional industry to advance applications in hospitals and homes. This AI book also provides an introduction of robots as realistic copies by dismembering the parts that compose a robot to make a rational image of what a robot is, how “intelligent” it is, how it operates. This AI book also covers the progress of robotics in the exploration of planets.

It also highlights the significance of the future of research and applications of robotics. This AI book is in the series of best-selling books. It has sold millions of copies all over the world.

Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control 1st Edition By Kevin M. Lynch

It is also one of the best books on robotics and artificial intelligence. This book covers robotics and its introduction which includes a comprehensive and unique approach to the mechanics of robotics, control, and planning. This AI book is best for self-learning because it highlights ordinary differential equations, basic knowledge of computer science, freshman physics, linear algebra, and the concepts are very well discussed. This book includes in one of the best books on artificial intelligence. It expresses the physical features of modern robots in a nonlinear manner. This is one of the best books on artificial intelligence and an ideal guide to analyze the incredibly interesting concept.


Artificial Intelligence is the modern world technology and a problem-solving process for many issues. The given artificial intelligence books are some of the best books on Artificial Intelligence.

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