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The career path of technology architecture has shifted from the earlier technicians and draftsperson’s role. Technology architecture can be described as the technology of architecture and encircles understanding and knowledge which supports the designs of a building’s structure, as both a process and a product.

All you need to know about architecture technology is described below.

Definition Of Architecture Technology

As a function of design, architecture technology relates to the physiology and anatomy of the structure of buildings and their execution, processes, and production and is dependent on the understanding and implementation of engineering, technology, and science.

It is more connected to sturdiness and the lifetime objectives of systems of building, components, and materials to attain deep-rooted longevity. Technology architecture is elementary to the reconstruction of building structures that exist and the ways of estimation required calculating structures via execution of pathology and diagnostics of building. The latest research on barricades to compatible reconstructable existing buildings shows the requirement for a higher focus on the latest interest and knowledge in technical presentation quality of building regulation. A deficiency of empirical data and discussion of existing architecture technology define great barricades to the feasible reconstructable existing building stock.

Career Pathway Of Architectural Technologists

Architecture technology has evolved as a definite academic program that continues as an increasingly well-respected and discrete pathway of career. In the major countries like the UK, there are presently thirty-four higher education institutions presenting architectural technology degree for undergraduates and masters. In addition, these programs are supervised by a structured national-level system of great standards that are specially established for all courses and offer national continuity and an acknowledged education standard. Every year, a number of students around the world enroll in an architectural technology degree program. In recent years, education institutions around the world have witnessed an evident rise in the enrollments of students in architectural technology degree for undergraduates and masters.

Architecture Technology And Alterations In The Industry

Building Information Modelling is an advanced form of CAD. The adoption of BIM involves shifting from conventional architecture technology information, designing, and production towards a changed way of communicating and designing. Traditional or conventional crafting by hand, or via executing 2-dimensional computer system-assisted design abide a drafting or crafting tool with its aim to display designs on paper.

Building information modeling “BIM” technology is more than the latest generation in CAD. Their execution needs operation-based knowledge of construction and also a vague familiarity with architecture technology. The necessary skills set for Building information modeling “BIM” adoption is uniform with architecture technologists.


The enhancing acknowledgment of skilled graduates in the field of technology architecture, concurring with an enhancing call for higher Building Information Modeling “BIM” take up, is a significant concordance. Many analysts have argued that architecture technologists are perfect to help in the embracement and enhanced utilization of BIM in the field to execute sustainable and more credible methods of practice and design. Architecture technology is also one of the important technologies that help in mapping the place before its construction.

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