7 Steps To Protect Your Information Against Wireless Technology


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Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology refers to a device that facilitates communication between more than one person locates over a distance without using any cable or wire. The most prominent examples are infrared waves and radiofrequency. In the present era, our homes are filled with these wireless technologies for providing wireless networks. From our phones and laptops to IP cameras, even are smart TVs and voice assistants are known as wireless devices.

How Does Our Wireless Technology Work?

Our wireless technology involves a wireless router that conveys signals through the air and forms a wireless network with our computers, laptop, phones, smart TVs.

Why We Should Secure Our Wireless Technology?

Indeed, our wireless technology is password protected yet devices within the defined range may manipulate the signals from the air for using our internet connection. Any unauthorized person or hacker can see our online activities or/and misuse our personal information. An unprotected wireless network even allows anyone to transfer unlawful spam or commit a crime in the name of our network.

What Are The Wireless Solutions For Securing Our Personal Information?

Taking 7 fundamental steps can secure our wireless technology and wireless network from getting hacked or stolen.

Step 1: Encrypted Network: Scrambling our data sent via a wireless network is possible through encryption that is the most prominent wireless solution. Now, no one can see or get our information. Our network can be updated to either WPA2 or WPA3 personal for scrambling data efficiently.

Step 2: Changing Preset Passwords Of Our Routers: Our routers often have a present password that can easily be found by hackers as it is simple. A complex password can work here. Remember, there are two passwords embedded in our router that need to be reset.

  • A wireless network password is used for connecting our device to a wireless network.
  • A router admin password that allows us to get into the device’s administrative side.

Step 3: Updating Router: Login to the website of your respective manufacturers to view if any newer software version is available for upgrading your system. By registering with your manufacturer’s router, you will be notified about updates.

Step 4: Say No To Remote Management: Turn off every remote management such as UPnP or WPS features because they can weaken the security of your wireless network. These remote management systems can allow unauthorized access.

Step 5: Setting Up Guest Networks: It is one of the best wireless solutions for security as it allows setting up a guest network with the help of different names and passwords. For example, only known people can see your internet connection who has your login name. Unauthorized persons cannot get onto your wireless technology or wireless network even they have malware on their device.

Step 6: Administrative Log Out: After making the necessary changes, do remember to log out, otherwise, the controller of your network security would manage to set. Your administrator account becomes vulnerable to hackers getting into your wireless network.

Step 7: Secure Devices: Unsecured devices also allow hackers to get into your personal information. Always keep your device lock and secure; it can the perfect wireless solution.


Wireless technology is a need of present times as we is filled with several wireless devices including mobile phones, laptop, Smart TVs that requires wireless network. Unsecured wireless devices increase the risk of being hacked. The article has proposed 6 easy steps of the wireless solution to protect your information when using wireless technology.

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