6 Basic Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Business In 2021


After the pandemic, the digital marketing has become a prominent source for showing presence of your online or physical business. From small to big enterprises have no excuse left to underestimate the power of digital marketing. This article can provide you basic ideas of digital marketing for small business.

Take Benefit Of Social Media Platform

Your service or brand must exist in all types of social media platforms. It has nothing to do with whether you are a tech startup or a beauty brand, social media is a place where your potential clients exist.

Remember that every social media platform attracts a separate type of user so your activity on every social media platform plays a vital role. It can be a prominent digital marketing solution for your small business.

That glorious video you made for the platforms like TikTok attracts the younger generation but it won’t attract the audience of Facebook, which is used by middle and older generations. It is very important to grab the attention of each audience to maximize your reach.

Creating unique content for every social media platform and sharing it extensively is also significant to get hold of challenges that make you more noticeable on these social media platforms.

At the very least, your business or brand should have an account on each of the following network to take a competitive advantage:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram (ideal for visual marketing)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok

Behind The Scenes

One of the basic ideas of digital marketing for small business is showing behind the scenes. Out of many tactics for digital marketing, taking your followers behind the scenes is the most successful. Social media is proceeding towards a tendency of “realness”. Viewers show a keen interest in knowing who people are at the back of their photo shopped and extreme filtered videos and images. Taking your viewers behind the scenes and showing them what are your daily work and operations look like that can build a connection. After that, when you try to sell your product or service, they will be content to support who they somehow feel connected to.

Online Contests

Online contests are a tremendous way that tiny businesses can make their digital marketing better. Posting online contest has been aggressively used digital marketing solution.

Social media online contests or competitions can create a lot of attraction but it does not need a big payout at the end of the business. Anything as small as giving your new product, service away or a business strategy session having CEO can bring you plenty of social media followers or new email signups.

Make Blogs

A blog for your website is the most essential part of digital marketing for small business. Therefore, you might be thinking about what a dentist’s office or a solar panel company could practically have to blog about, you should know that there are endless possibilities.

Blogs are a tremendous method to establish recognition of brand and generation of website traffic, which create more sales.

Associate With Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are those influencers on social media who normally have followers less than 20k. Operating with these influencers on social media who have a bigger reach than larger influencers signifies that you can engage with a new audience.

The influencer on social media has done the work of engaging with their audience. The perfect influencers can be those who associate with your niche but you should also consider other influencers too. If you are having a business or travel agency don’t only look for a travel blogger to work with but especially find an influencer who suits your brand.

Make A Hashtag

To build recognition of the brand, it is essential to make your hashtag that you can make use of it across all platforms of social media.

The hashtag is an effective strategy of digital marketing for small business as it differentiates your brand with another brand that has the similar name or logo.

Hire A Digital Marketing Expert

To manage your social media accounts, you can hire a digital marketer who can provide you effective digital marketing solutions routinely. The digital marketing salary is far minimal as they can help you to generate a good profit from your small business.


Technology has provided small entrepreneurs a digital marketing solution to increase their reach and eventually your profit. There are simple basic ideas of digital marketing for small business that can be very helpful to derive the overwhelming response you never imagined.

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