4 Movies Filled With Easter Eggs to Watch This Easter Sunday

4 movies filled with easter eggs to watch this easter sunday

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Movies are typically made to be as accessible to the casual movie-goer as possible. However, studios and franchises also often reward their die-hard fans with hidden details and secret messages that most people simply glace over.

One of our fondest memories from childhood is hunting for chocolate easter eggs hidden around the house with a basket in one hand and a toy shovel in the other. This Easter Sunday, we’re watching some of the most beloved movies that also happen to be full of fun easter eggs. Let’s glance over them without spoiling the mystery for you.

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph takes place in an arcade where all the characters from different video games can interact with each other. Ralph is a character in one of the arcade games along with his nemesis Fix-It Felix. Ralph’s role as the villain of the game is to wreck buildings while Felix, the hero, fixes them. Ralph longs for the attention and love Felix gets as the hero of the game, but he’s stuck being the Bag Guy.

When a new first-person shooter game arrives in the arcade, Ralph sees his opportunity to become a hero. He meets a young girl Vanellope von Schweetz from a cart racing game and what follows is a heartwarming story of what it means to be “good”.

Wreck-It Ralph is filled with easter eggs from the 80s and 90s arcade. It has references to Street Fighter 2, Final Fantasy VII, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, House Of The Dead, Burger Time, and other games that we used to play as kids. Wreck-It Ralph is the perfect Easter Sunday treat.

Toy Story

All four toy story movies have references to other animated movies, the people behind Pixar, and even R-rated live-action movies. Animators have even used 3D assets from previous Pixar movies as easter eggs—such as Coco’s guitars and Boo from Monsters Inc. in Toy Story 4. Finding these easter eggs is incredibly fun, especially with family and friends to help you spot things you missed.

Other Pixar and Disney animated movies are also filled with funny and rewarding easter eggs that are too easy to miss. Unlike in live-action movies, every object in an animated movie has to be carefully designed by an artist. Deliberate effort goes into even the things the audience isn’t supposed to focus on.

Pixar voice actor Andrew Stanton told Insider that most easter eggs in Pixar movies come out of boredom. Artists work on these movies for years only to tell a story that lasts less than 2 hours. Easter eggs are just artists having a little bit of fun.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the sequel to 2018’s, Black Panther. The movie starts throwing easter eggs for the MCU from the first minute, replacing all the clips in Marvel Studio’s intro with clips of Black Panther as a tribute to the late Chadwick Bozeman. There are also other tributes to the original Black Panther actor such as a license plate with his birthday.

Wakanda Forever introduces us to a new tribe of people who live in the water. Many MCU details and connections to other characters are revealed as the two nations collide, which we wouldn’t dare spoil for you.

Wakanda Forever has been released digitally on Disney Plus. Easter Sunday is the perfect time to watch it if you haven’t already.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is one of Steven Spielberg’s most underrated recent movies. The film takes place in 2045 when the world has become a harsh mess and most people spend most of their time in a virtual world called OASIS. Created by eccentric businessman James Halliday, OASIS is heavenly in contrast to the real world of 2045 and allows players to go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone they want.

Ready Player One features easter eggs from everything but Spielberg’s own movies. The Iron Giant from the 1999 movie and Chunky from Child’s Play are two of the obvious references. Even if you can’t find all the easter eggs, Ready Player One is a visual spectacle and a perfect family movie for Easter Sunday.

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