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Technology today is evolving at a very large scale. Every day a new trend of technology is came into being and is being discussed in different technologies events. Every day events are being organized for tech reviews. The future world is the world of the latest technology. Technology is making everything simple and convenient for everyone, yet its use can be dangerous for humankind. Technology’s use in the field of war could be harmful to the human race. No one can argue on the illusions of technology as it made the whole world much advance from the past but some of its trends have a negative impact on the desires of the people.

Quantum Computers

Nowadays quantum computers are highly discussed in many technological events. A Quantum computer is an electronic machine that executes the computing of quantum using the mechanics of quantum. They are distinguished from other conventional machines. The unit of information for the quantum machine is a qubit. The full form of a qubit is the quantum bit, it has specific effects and objectives on two main theories of quantum physics: entanglement and superposition. It executes on a new sort of algorithms to operate data. This technology is one of the greatest technology current events.

Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about the most transformational technology of the current era, it is none other than artificial intelligence. Enhancement in artificial intelligence and its other sort of fields like natural language processing, computer vision, and artificial neural networks etc, going to generate much more artificial intelligence development in the coming future.

Many industries like, robotics, security and surveillance and, autonomous vehicles are embracing artificial intelligence and other field related to this technology and developing their industries.

DNA Storage

Storing DNA is one of the technology current events. Now researchers and scientists have taken the technology to the next level by advancing the capabilities of DNA storage by hundred times. A new strategy of coding has been developed by a researcher group from the “New York genome center (NYGC)” and “Columbia University” called “DNA fountain”, it is an algorithm for streaming video on a device like mobile etc.

Reversing Paralysis

Presently reversing paralysis is the most prominent technology being discussed in technological events. Reversing paralysis is the process for the cure of ‘paralysis’, this technology current events could finally bring the cure for this disorder. Currently, a scientist from all over the world is working and experimenting on this technology. This technology could be revolutionary in the field of medical science. A neuroscientist from France establish a technology, it works by simulating some volts of electricity for the activation of the muscle.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

This technology current event has advanced the whole world. This technology seems life-changing in the field of everything. Although, the technology which was only restricted to gaming is somehow evolving in many fields like, designing, education, architecture, entertainment, manufacturing and healthcare, etc. these two technologies are some o the greatest inventions of the present era.


Technology today is being advanced every day, that is why the new trends of technology are also developing. The above events show that technology is essential for the betterment of every nation as it brings prosperity and advancement. If any nation wants to rule the world, technology is the key to it.

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